No True Magic (Lyrics)

01. No True Magic
02. Black Jewelled Moon
03. Without The Prize
04. Midnight Rain
05. Them Fine Bullets
06. The Greatest Trick
07. Tides Of Winter
08. Gates Of Hell
09. Make Straight The Way
10. Bring Them Roses
11. Hardly My Prayer

Words & Melodies
a Jigsaw
João Rui, Jorri 

Who played
Acoustic & Electric Piano, Banjo, Combo Organs, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Glockenspiel, Vocals, Autoharp, Acoustic & Electric Harmonium, Percussions, Melodica, Hammond, Upright Bass.

Guests :

Black Jewelled Moon
Carla Torgerson (Vocals) Recorded by Glenn Slater at Wakatake Studio (Seattle, USA)
Susana Ribeiro (Violin)

The Greatest Trick
Gito Lima (Upright Bass) Recorded by Sérgio Milhano at Ponto Zurca Studio (Almada, Portugal)

Midnight Rain
Pedro Serra

Tides Of Winter
Maria Côrte (Violin, Viola, Harp) | Hugo Fernandes (Cello)| Laurent Rossi (French Horn) | Miguel Gelpi (Upright Bass) | Guilherme Pimenta (Percussion) | Susana Ribeiro (Glockenspiel)

Drums on all tracks & some Cowbell played by Guilherme Pimenta


Recorded at The Blue House Studio by a Jigsaw & João P. Miranda
Except Upright Pianos recorded at Musica.Com & Grand Pianos recorded at Mr. Mike’s.
(Coimbra, Portugal)

Mixed & Mastered at Attack-Release Studio (Portalegre, Portugal) by João P. Miranda
Produced by a Jigsaw
Photography: Miguel Duarte, Paula Lourenço & Sofia Silva
Design by Gito Lima

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