11. Hardly My Prayer

It was a cold heart break that caught up with me. I was under the spell
that as death grew near I could pretend it was hardly my prayer
There’s a lonesome cry that parts with my mouth, when I confess
That all I did was tending my shame for closing my hands
Around my last word
Around my last word
I’ll confide in the roots down here: Entwined with my hope, my heart was a well
Where I lost myself, where I lost myself, when I swam to the bottom

Right as rain, I am the colour of nothing, I’m at the right of no one.
So I will lose myself, oh I will lose myself for the hand on my shoulder
You have my last word
You have my last word

When it’s over and done, you’ll be second to no one

Right as Rain, I’m the colour of nothing

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